MEE EYEWEAR is produced in Sabae city of the Fukui prefecture, where is famous for eyewear town in Japan.

Sabae city is one of the top three eyewear producing area in the world and has a 97% Japan market share for eyewear production.

MEE EYEWEAR, created by the cooperation between Nomoto Karia who is a fashion artist and eyewear design and planning company, Raincoat Co.,Ltd located in Sabae is produced by the technique of Sabae has over 100 years history of making eyewear.

The technical expertise and knowhow of making eyewear by the craftsmen who have devoted their lives are contained in MEE EYEWEAR.

MEE EYEWEAR pays respect to the sincerity and effort of the craftsmen in Sabae and will never forget a feeling of gratitude for their integrity.